LUNATIC FRINGE PRODUCTIONS  is an independent film production company.

quirky films for quirky people

(always with a simple, yet important message)

  • Redneck Britches2:52
  • Velvet Gun4:36
  • Abigail3:54
  • Eternal Dream3:15
  • Reasons5:05
  • Hollywood Life4:18
  • Escape5:07
  • Candle in a Blackout3:57
  • A Doomed Planet4:41
  • Birds Without Wings3:01

Lunatic Fringe (n): Artistic members of society who hold the radical belief that they should be allowed full freedom of expression without restriction by government or religion... thereby causing them to sometimes remain on the outskirts of society.  Members of the fringe walk with the awkward-cool strut of a gypsy or an odd-ball - bouncing to their own beat and having way more fun than the rest of the world.  Anne Welles is President.


Anne Welles' current directing project, An Accidental Zombie (Named Ted) - a horror-comedy feature film  - is currently seeking active business partners, product placement deals, and financial contributions.  An Accidental Zombie (Named Ted)... Because not all directors are men and not all zombies are monsters. * 571-263-0722