• Redneck Britches2:52
  • Velvet Gun4:36
  • Abigail3:54
  • Eternal Dream3:15
  • Reasons5:05
  • Hollywood Life4:18
  • Escape5:07
  • Candle in a Blackout3:57
  • A Doomed Planet4:41
  • Birds Without Wings3:01


Anne Welles' current directing project, An Accidental Zombie (Named Ted) - a horror-comedy feature film  - is currently seeking active business partners, product placement deals, and financial contributions.  An Accidental Zombie (Named Ted)... Because not all directors are men and not all zombies are monsters.

info@lunaticfringeproductions.com * 571-263-0722

by god's grace  2009 - northern va - 10 min drama  imdb

LUNATIC FRINGE PRODUCTIONS Written/Directed/Produced by Anne Welles Soundtrack by Emily Henry

Sara has had a rough life. When she reluctantly accepts the friendship of Matt, a man she meets in a bar, her life is forever changed. She connects with his little girl, Grace, who loves and cares for the bugs and butterflies in the park, even when she knows she may never see them again. This is a new concept to Sara, and one she finds out she will need to understand sooner rather than later.