paradise boys

2010 - northern virginia - 23 min adventure - imdb

Writer/Director/Producer: Anne Welles

​Director of Photography: Barry J. Holmes

Eleven teenage boys find themselves suddenly alone in a post-apocalyptic world in which the only food they can find to eat are 'Skinny Wheats' crackers. They learn to live outdoors, where they are safer, but the weather is always hot. They call their camp 'Paradise.' Their daily searches for food and people are dangerous and not always survived, but they are hopeful that if they found some adults the adults would know what to do... until they actually find some adults and realize they're better off on their own, and they are stronger than they knew. Meanwhile, an invisible entity leaves notes for the boys with clues on them, which they follow to a shocking discovery that could steer them in an entirely new direction.

Jukebox SerenadeThe Dreamscapes ProjectKaizoku

MelodimeTrish Murphy Logical Sound Discovery

Das MolestedPunch Drunk PoetsMusic Consultant Jim Ebert

Anne Welles' current directing project, An Accidental Zombie (Named Ted) - a horror-comedy feature film  - is currently seeking active business partners, product placement deals, and financial contributions.  An Accidental Zombie (Named Ted)... Because not all directors are men and not all zombies are monsters.


  • Redneck Britches2:52
  • Velvet Gun4:36
  • Abigail3:54
  • Eternal Dream3:15
  • Reasons5:05
  • Hollywood Life4:18
  • Escape5:07
  • Candle in a Blackout3:57
  • A Doomed Planet4:41
  • Birds Without Wings3:01